Contemporary imagery by Liliana Zaharia

Artist and photographer: Liliana

About Me

Liliana is a professional photographer with a degree in Fine Art Photography, who is interested in portraiture and editorial photography. Her passion for photography started in high school, when she first saw Nan Goldin's work and opened up a new vision on what the medium can achieve. She has then started to document her own life and those close to her, producing powerful bodies of work, which have been exhibited both in Bucharest and London. Throughout her university years, she developed series on themes of identity, belonging and the everyday life. Her practice developed into a cohesive mix of portraits, landscapes and still lives in order to give the best representation of a subject. 

Liliana's passion for photographing people translated into her commercial work, creating a successful career as a freelance photographer for the past 6 years. She believes in capturing a contemporary, clean look that translates her client's needs and personality. She has a varied experience, working for personal, corporate and newspapers editorials. Clients include Sydney Morning Herald, Glorious Brands, IFAB, Travelshoot.


Liliana is available for portraits, editorials, fashion and corporate photography.

She approaches each project with a consideration for individual's needs and thinks of a concept which will best represent their idea. Discussions about the project will be conducted via phone, Skype or in person. After getting an understanding of the goals of the project, Liliana will set up a vision for the photo shoot and give an exact quote based on the project's length and complexity. 

The aesthetic involves a carefully crafted lighting, calm and professional look. She believes in natural beauty, that's why her portraits are minimally retouched. Each person has unique features which should not be erased/ corrected. 


+44 20 8123 2402

London, UK