Photography by Liliana Zaharia

Portrait session for small business owner

I met Federica at her house to shoot a few portraits for her brand, The Mood Club. The products inspire people to make time for self care and Federica cuts, assemble and and ships every single card pack! 

I was instantly drawn to the natural light filling the room and I felt that the simplicity will enhance the mood and editing in black and white will add a dramatic effect. No skin retouching was done, natural is beautiful! 

Portrait session for product designer

I met Genevieve a few years back when we had our first photo shoot at The Quince Tree, a charming cafe in Little Venice, full of plants grown on the premise. Genevieve contacted me again this year to update her profile photos throughout her social media profiles as well as having a few for personal use. She always wants a natural, candid photo shoot to reflect her personality and relaxed approach. Your profile photograph does not always have to be a posed, ultra professional, studio sterile type of image! 

This time we chose Regent’s Park and surrounding areas for some earthy tones and outdoor soft lighting. We walked around and discussed about the all time learning curve and not being afraid to change your career at 30 or 40! Here it is, doing what I love most, creating imagery to best represent one’s personality.

George Brandis photographed for Sydney Morning Herald

One of the commissions I did for Sydney Morning Herald was a short session during lunch interview that Latika Bourke held With George Brandis. The lunch took place at Spring restaurant, at Somerset House. As previously, I had only about 10 minutes to capture a portrait during the interview. As they were both sitting against a bright window, I though of using a flash to fill in some light and balance the countre -jour that was created by the window. As soon as I started snapping, one of the waiters came to me and told me I can not use the flash inside the restaurant! This is just one of the many unpredictable situation I find myself in when I don’t have control over the entire process. However, I still enjoy coming up with solutions at location and later on during editing process. Here are a few photos from the day.